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Celebrating Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month with History, Art, and Culture on Newsela

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Sep 15, 2022

¡Vamos a celebrar! Vamos celebrar! Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual celebration that begins on September 15 and continues until October 15 to celebrate the culture, history, and people of Latinx and Hispanic heritage. This month's content will be honoring influential leaders and trailblazers, celebrating different cultures and perspectives, and exploring the meaning of Latinx and Hispanic identities.

The month-long celebration is federally recognized as National Hispanic Heritage Month, referencing the use of “Hispanic” in the U.S Census Bureau to help categorize a group of people starting in the 1970s. The truth is, there is not one term that is truly all-encompassing, given the many cultural, geographic, racial, and linguistic differences. Hispanic is typically used to describe people of Spanish-speaking origins, or with historical ties to Spain, while Latino(a/e/x/) describes someone of Latin American origin, inclusive of Spanish-, Portuguese-, French-speaking countries, and indigenous people.

To be more inclusive of the wider community and to recognize and honor the diversity of the Latin identity, including gender, language, country, race, and how people self-identify, this year we are celebrating “Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month”.


Each week during Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month we will showcase some of the diverse and influential voices of the Latinx and Hispanic communities. In this first week of the month, we’ll celebrate how incredibly diverse Hispanic and Latinx identities are and the importance of preserving one’s culture. Next, we will highlight and celebrate the leaders and trailblazers of Latinx and Hispanic communities like civil rights activists Dolores Huerta and Antonia Pantoja. Students will also study different cultural elements by learning about the unique food, music, and style of Latinx and Hispanic communities, and the influence they have worldwide. Lastly, students will have the opportunity to recognize the achievements and accomplishments of these communities in the fields of arts and science. By learning about what inspired artists like Diego Rivera, or how writers like Margarita Engle infuse their culture and heritage into their work, students will learn about how their work not only impacted their own communities but the world.

Newsela strives to showcase the rich intersectionality, achievements, and joy of the Latinx and Hispanic communities through our text sets. This month we hope students are able to engage in meaningful conversations to learn more about themselves and their peers, find representation in topics they care about, and are introduced to new perspectives or histories they may not have encountered before. Most of all, we hope to celebrate the diverse identities and accomplishments of the Latinx and Hispanic communities. Salud and saúde!

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